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NLP has been used to CHANGE and replace the SELF-LIMITED BELIEFS that we have about ourselves and recover from any issues that we have. We are owning our OWN MANUAL of the brain, we learn lots of other stuff like cooking, riding a bike, swimming etc. but we never learn how to be in CONTROL of our BRAIN and stay in control of our EMOTIONS and change things.

NLP is a TOOL BOX that we carry around with us at all times, we just don’t know how to use it. I can help you use the right skills and TECHNIQUES you need to help your self with any issues you are facing. NLP helps with enhancing communication, phobias, pain, changing beliefs, behaviours, sensory over load, anxieties., understanding how you feel and how to change it, stopping smoking, motivation and so much more.

With NLP there ISN'T just one technique that you use, and its never RIGHT or WRONG, if one TECHNIQUE doesn’t work for you, try another one. It is all about finding the right tools  for you. For example, you wouldn’t use a hammer to unscrew a screw. You use the right tools needed. NLP is about finding the RIGHT strategy that works for you, and REPLACE the FAULTY one.

This can be done using TOOLS like anchoring, future pacing, trance, swish, swoosh, and so much more.

NLP tools can help you become more in CONTROL of your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS.

NLP is always a GROWING box of tools and techniques using information and insights of how we function and how we can improve the way we think and feel. I work closely with every client and work according to their needs and ability and adapt my technique for every person.

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