blue square with picture of three post it notes, each with a letter on them spelling out EFT. The post it notes are puffed onto a piece of cord.

EFT really helps to RELEASE lots of NEGATIVE emotions and ANXIETIES and allows you to feel at PEACE which allows you to focus on lots of POSITIVE areas in your life.

Our SUBCONSCIOUS mind runs 90% of our BEHAVIOUR which makes us not aware why we feeling certain emotions like ANXIETY, STRESS etc. using the TOOLS of EFT it helps identify the issues emotionally and helps release it.

EFT can be used to treat phobias, pain, discomfort, depression, anxiety, behaviour, sensory over load, self-esteem, changing your self-limited beliefs, cravings, giving up smoking and so much more.

EFT has so many techniques that, we will find one that suits you. Some examples are picture tapping, object tapping, chasing the pain, matrixes-imprinting, follow the energy and so much more.

We will discuss the issues that you are currently facing and set how I believe we can best overcome them. I will organise personalised goals and set challenges for you. I will work with you on implementing relaxation states as well as guide you through tapping techniques which will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated during the sessions.

EFT has more IMPACT and better results and outcomes when working with a practitioner as they will help you go deeper to your ROOTS and cause of the emotion that might be causing the problem and help you to clear it.

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