Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool that can be used to treat a variety of problems affecting your mental and physical health. These can include phobias, pain, discomfort, etc.

BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT gives you the TECHNIQUE and STRATEGY to stay in control of your emotions and release your emotion in a safe controlled manner.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a toolbox you can carry with you everywhere you go and use in any situation to implement change.

EFT is like acupuncture without any needles. You are tapping on the MERIDIAN point on your body to release trapped emotions.


I came to visit her in London.
I have had really bad back pain in my Lower region and in excruciating pain. And pulling all the way from the lower back to my left side and right area and all the way up to my hands.
I finding it very hard to stand, walk for a while, climb stairs.
Asma was talking to me about what she does EFT. (Tapping) I have no idea what it is and was very SCEPTICAL
Last night I was in so much pain so she suggests trying TAPPING. We tapped for 15 minutes and it like a miracle. The back pain is gone, gone from level 10 to level 3. We carried on TAPPING and I felt so much better.
I actually ask her what did she do. Is it MAGIC?
Asma Explains how EFT and NLP works. Now I would be calling Asma to help me.
I would recommend Asma to anyone. She is very HONEST. PATIENCE and CLEAR.
She kept me CALM all the way, went with my own PACE. As this is new to me I really enjoyed it.
As I Experience it firsthand with Asma I am happy to even pay her.

Liala Shallop

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NVQ 3 in Childcare

Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Practitioner Level 3 and Matrix Re-Imprinting

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

JHA Diploma in Hypnosis

Advanced Drawing & Talking Practitioner

Intermediate Team Teach Instructor

Happy Brain Coach