Simplicity is the key.

All of a sudden, yesterday I felt so tried, frustrated, anxious and I am not sure why.
It was a very good day.

I woke up today, feeling very ANXIOUS, restless and ill. I had STOMACH PAIN, heavy BREATHING, feeling AGITATED and TIRED.

I was like, why am I feeling like this?

All of a sudden it dawned on me.

I am going to do the HYPNOTHERAPY COURSE. I don’t know anyone or where it is.

Will I find the place in time?

As I genuinely hate being LATE.

How would the journey there be?

As I have never been to the university before, will I find where I need to go?

I felt like a young child again, TERRIFIED to leave home. Especially when my mom and my sister said text them when I got in the cab and when I arrive.

I FELT even more ANXIOUS and cross, saying to myself they are WORRIED now.

I start to become more ANXIOUS when the cab does not arrive on time, and started thinking do I have to CANCEL the course, or will I make it in time.

All of a sudden the door bell rang and it was the cab.

The journey was brilliant to be honest, BEAUTIFUL sunrise.

I arrived early, but we struggled to find he entrance, which made me become slightly NERVOUS again.

I followed the SIGNS, which normally I struggle with. I persevered and said to myself, there’s nothing you can do.

Keep being worried or walk around and ask for directions. I felt better after I noticed the direction signs.

I realised I was so in my head that nothing was obvious.

I arrived in the building, but there was no staff or signs.

I looked around and saw a stair case and a lift.

I realised that’s where I needed to go.

Eventually I saw a man and he seemed so stressed and he immediately said to me, I am catering staff, I can’t help you.

I didn’t even ask him any questions.

When he left, I giggled to myself and said he is having a rough day already.

I went up stairs and the anxiety started again, feeling slightly out of CONTROL and NERVOUS.

Oh, what are we going to do?

What will I have to do and talk about?

What if I didn’t get it right?

I actually told myself to stop.

I controlled my breathing and felt better .

I took out the note book I had had for years and suddenly noticed what it said.

I burst out laughing to be honest.

It says Simplicity note book.

What a great note book.

I needed that reminder.

I changed what I was telling myself, change my breathing and enjoyed the beautiful view I did not notice earlier.

I reminded myself that I have all I needed to change my emotions.

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. It was not what I thought HYPNOTHERAPY is. It gave me a different view and insight of things.

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