Part 1 One morning I was sleeping and I woke up after hearing loud bangs and rapid firing sounds. I got up and went outside to the living room where I was told to stay down, as our house was filled with windows. I was wondering what the hell was going on. Another COUP again. This time it was different, we have had so many coups but not like this. We quickly got changed and stayed on the floor in the hall way.


Scared. We sat for a bit wondering what was happening and then we found out that a war had broken out and it was quite bad.

To Calm ourselves we were playing board games and hoping it will stop. All of a sudden, we heard banging sounds on our gates and shouting. There were a lot of people standing there holding different types of lethal weapons. I was very scared.


They came into the compound, did some shouting and talking then left.

We then all gathered downstairs (as we were living on the top level of a two story building and my sister and her family on the bottom level).


My parents and my other sisters went downstairs to stay together with the whole family, as it was safer. Every once in while the adults were sending us kids to one of the bedrooms  including some of my cousins and my nieces and nephew to HIDE us, as people/rebels were coming to our house and demanding things and shooting around. This was a very SCARY experience, especially as I was FRIGHTENED and LOCKED in a room with other kids and not knowing what to do. I had to be STRONG and keep CALM for the others and COMFORTING them, especially my 18 months old niece.

After couple of days or so, it was getting worse so we had to EVACUATE to a hotel that was made into a REFUGE. When we arrived at the REFUGE there were a lot of people FIGHTING to go in and we were told that they were only taking women and children at that point.

We stayed at the for roughly a week, with limited food, water and clothing.

Every day we would go downstairs to the lobby, waiting for our turn to be called to be taken out of the country. Some of my family got SEPARATED as one of my sister and her family were called before us, (and my other sister my mum and I got left behind) to be EVACUATED because the they have the IRISH PASSPORT.

The day they where going I went down stairs and hey forgot on if their passport. I went to give to them and say Good bye. As they went I was heading back to our room so we can come down Stairs and wait for our turn. Next thing I knew a SOLDIER grab me by my top and PUSHED me under a table. Next thing I can hear is lots of SHOUTING and SCREAMING, THREATENING behaviours and warning for about 10 minute, then all was quiet and I came out from under the table and ran upstairs to my room where mom was. I was very SCARED as we where told the REBEL where trying to come to the REFUGE centres

We stayed another day and we were transported to a fishing boat by a canoe. We were in the boat for 16 hours with NO food or drink, going to Guinea. We had a really rough weather too, none stop raining, people where violently sick.

As a kid I was very SCARED but at the same time I was very STRONG. I didn’t realise how SCARED I was and how it affected me as I somehow BELIEVED and hoped the war would end and I would head back to my normal life. Until a few weeks later we went to Lebanon and I realise I had LOST everything. My life had CHANGED. I was still hoping we would still go back and my home would still be there.

As time went by I realised that that couldn’t happen as we had LOST everything. My friends, my home and my possessions. This included my FAVOURITE toys and especially the best birthday gift I had received and only used once, a roller skate. I found out that my mum had only picked one bag of clothes for myself, my sisters and her. In Lebanon, I realised that I am in a different cultural place, which I found to be very restricting as there were a lot of things I couldn’t do. I didn’t start school early and I didn’t know how to speak Arabic.

My sister, my niece and my nephew had to go back to Sierra Leone, as things had settled down, but my mum and I stayed in Lebanon. We were FIGHTING to be reunited with my other sisters and dad, who had come to England.

As time went by, I made friends and started school and we were in Lebanon for a year, then all of a sudden we had to leave. That was when I came to England. Again I LOST everything I had, and the friends I made.

At 15 years old, it was too much to cope with. We came to England and I had to learn another new culture and ADABT to the life here, and not starting school early. I was happy as I was with my family, and I was hoping to meet the queen and the princes as I thought everyone in England meets them. Well I am still waiting😜.

I started school which I found very hard to catch up, as everything that was being taught was different and I also had to do 2 years work in one year. I had to make new friends, COPED with being BULLIED at school, learn new social skills and the STRESS of GCSE. Honestly, I was a TICKING bomb with my EMOTIONS, especially my ANGER.

As time went by, I learned to CONTROL my tempter, accepting change and letting go.

I realised that I am a very strong, determined person, as well as very lucky.

I was using the tools of NLP and EFT without realising. We all have those tools, just not knowing how to use them.

When I did my NLP and EFT, I learned to let go and applied the TECHNIQUES and TOOLS to change and move on from the STRESS and NIGHTMARES. I used the techniques to let go of my FEAR of loud bangs and my FEARS of letting people in again. They helped me to CONTROL my EMOTIONS and ANGER.


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