You finding hard to say no

Do you find it hard to say NO?

When and if you do say NO, you feel so BAD, HORRIBLE.

You tell yourself that you are so MEAN and SELFISH.

You have let them DOWN.

They need you and you said NO.

How AWFUL is that.

How will you feel if they say no to you.

You end up SAYING YES all the time, so you don’t feel bad and letting anyone down.

Its EASIER to say YES instead of no and DEALING with all the after effects of it.

You STOP making plans and do anything incase someone calls you for help or a FAVOUR.

You have put your LIFE on hold to help others.

You ending up WEARING yourself down, getting TIRED and even losing CONTACT with people.

You end up not doing anything sometimes, because you are waiting.

You are on EDGE most of the time, going what if they need me, I have to make sure I am available.

You feel like you don’t have a CHOICE and you will upset them otherwise and they won’t like you.
We all have a CHOICE in life wether we choose yes or no, it is a CHIOCE. Its what we do with the choice that matters.

I used to be like this. I realised I was being used and not living my life at all.

I was getting so tired and run down as well as frustrated all the time

I was getting annoyed with my close friends, as they didn’t understand.

I realised what I was doing and what I was doing to myself.

It felt good to be needed and wanted but its definitely not good putting my life on hold and being used all the time.

I have taken CONTROL and CHANGED my mind set and believe me I know now who my friends are and who were using me.

Do you want to take control and change that?