Client Testimonials

Asma you really are an amazing person and an inspiration! All you have been through has made you very strong and also very empathetic to others. You will help so many people with your wonderful skills and you have a brilliant sense of humour which just puts people at ease. I would recommend you

Samantha Bowley

Thanks very much to my sister Asma Jacob. I have had a really bad headache for at least a week, and each day it getting worst, am feeling more stressed and tired. Today I agree to let her help me and use EFT (tapping). Now my headache is gone, I feel more relaxed, calmer.
I will recommend her to anyone. I know it sounds bias but honestly, the headache is gone like magic.
If you need to know more about it and have any issues contact Asma Jacob for her skills and techniques.

Ritta Amira El-Koussa